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Instant Sports Success eBook Series

ipadverticalAthletes who underperformed in the Atlanta, Nagano and Sydney Olympics reported that more mental training and access to sport psychologists would have made the greatest difference in their Olympic experience. (Source: U.S. Olympic Committee report on athletic performance.) Are you ready to spend just 17 minutes of your day to see your athletic performance reach new heights? Whether you are a professional athlete, a serious amateur, a gifted junior athlete or simply a weekend warrior who wants to be the best you can be every day, Instant Sports Success will show you the exact formula and the secrets that will instantly raise the level of your game and keep it there! More Info »
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Core Sports Performance

core sports performance2 CD Set You know the importance of training your muscles. But you should also know the importance of training your mind. It's no secret that elite athletes like Tiger Woods, Ken Norton (who used hypnosis training before his famous victory where he broke Mohammad Ali's jaw), and Nolan Ryan all used hypnosis to propel More Info »
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Complete Instant Sports Success Program

Complete Instant Sports Success ProgramDr. Jack Singer, sports psychologist to athletes, coaches, and professional teams created Core Sports Performance, Accelerated Sports Healing, and Advanced Sports Pain Management for The Hypnosis Network. If you would like to improve your performance, heal more quickly, or manage nagging sports pain so you can get back in the game, “Dr. Jack” is the best in the business at bringing the mind into harmony with the body. More Info »
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Advanced Sports Pain Management

Advanced Sports Pain Management by Dr. Jack SingerThese hypnosis sessions will provide you with pain control techniques used by elite athletes. You can overcome pain and play through sports-related injuries. More Info »
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Accelerated Sports Healing

Accelerated Sports Healing by Dr. Jack SingerCreated by world renowned sports psychologist Jack Singer, Ph.D., this powerful hypnosis program will help you accelerate your body’s natural healing process. Use the same accelerated healing methods used by elite athletes. You can reduce the need for medications, while using this effective mind-body technique. More Info »
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